New release of a Vintage stand and water bowl

A new release of cat's "Eat" category products.

The silk fabric factory in Kyoto, which has continued for more than 100 years, has been closed and the machine and bobbins are no longer needed. All of them are made of solid wood. It is such a history that everything were made of wood long years ago in Japan.

The bobbin made of solid wood is very durable and it should be reused we think.

We asked the artist to make a bowl of the perfect size, and breathed new life into it as a water bowl and table for cats.

Atustoshi Morinaga, living in Okayama, Japan is kindly joined this project for cats.

Please choose your favorites from White, Black and Green bowls.

Morinaga Ceramics Studio

Ceramics Studio in Okayama Prefecture. Mr Morinaga encountered ceramics while attending the Department of Landscaping, Tokyo University of Agriculture, and after graduating from university, trained in Kasama and Tsuyama, Ibaraki Prefecture, and became independent 12 years ago. The works are pottery for everyday use, living tools, pottery for plants such as bonsai pots, etc.

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  • ヴィンテージの台と水飲み器の発売