For Dogs

Little dog friend I love walking I love walking with my dad and mom Even if I enjoy my family life on the bed or sofa, I love the enclosed space for myself Gisele and Momo are cats of about 4 kg Safety and security are the first priority I'm making a high quality bed that I thought about, so I definitely want my dog's friends to use it.使ってもらいたい。

Faux fur blanket

Hand-knitted bed

Skeleton house to dress up and play

Accessories for collars

ID Tags

Hand-carved warm and lightweight lost card

Weight of 1-yen coin

A solid wood skeleton house made by a Japanese furniture craftsman. The design fits in well with the interior, so you can put it anywhere in the house. The house that you can change and customize is excellent for photography.抜群です。

The bed knitted by Japanese craftsmen with all their heart is made soft without using a core material so that you can play with it in various shapes. It is a solid thread, so it will return to its original shape even if you wash it as a gaburi. You can use it for a long timeただけます。

Air pearls like cotton pearls developed in Japan are strong against water and are perfect for Wanko's fashion. It is a quality that moms can share as a bracelet. You can choose the size of the pearl ball and make it to the perfect size.りします。