Skelton House - Dress Up House

skelton house

To be used by Cats

Seeing a cat sleeping is the best healing. When discovering a sleeping figure, it is the cat owner who just takes a picture with a smartphone.

It was one of the reasons Giselle & Momo started to create a bed to make my cute sleeping fur baby more cute. A solid wooden product is a natural choice because I wanted my beloved child to have the same wooden bed as a human being.

However, each cat has a taste, so a normal bed won't be used by cat.  Whether cats will use it or not.、It is a common question for cat owners.

Therefore! What should we do to get a cat to use it? To match the tastes of various cats, a skeleton house was completed by thinking through the love of cats and packing various ideas.

Cats love enclosed spaces

sleeping in skelton house

It is known as cat's habit of being timid and hiding from enemies therefore cats usually have less time to sleep soundly. They love places to hide. Does your baby love hide-and-seek?

They feel secured when they are surrounded. They love boxes because of the DNA that tries to hide. A skeleton house has a wooden structure on both the side and the top, so they can rest in peace. If they realize that they don't have to worry about being attacked while asleep, they will take a rest inside.

Rubbing their scent on the natural scented pillars of wood

playing in house

Cats have a well developed sense of smell and they love to smell a good scent of natural wood

The wooden structure is just right for rubbing their body. Pillars are good for rubbing the itch and rubbing the body instead of massage for marking

They also like to lean on something. It is also perfect for daily grooming care by leaving their body on a pillar.

Cats love tunnels

    tunnnel love

    Cats love tunnels. Who does not?

    On a Skelton House, You cover with a cloth, it becomes a tunnel. It makes cats to be in instantly. Among the many cats who tried the prototype, there was a cautious cat. However, when the skeleton house was covered with a cloth, he went inside quickly. This is so far without failure. Tunnel must have something to stimulate cats' instinct.(Giselle & Mono Research)

    You can cover it with you or cats's favorite cloth, and we will release cloth products exclusively for a Skelton House in future.

    Play with toys using the underfloor!

    playing under floor

    The underfloor of the house is just designed to a height that allows cats to thrust into the base of the cat's arm.

    Try to hide a toy and play with a cat, Cats feel a little moving, so they can stimulate their hunting instincts and play with them. A toy which is now not popular for them, if you hide it under the floor, Cats might be tempted to hunt it!

    Play with hanging toys!

    somali cat

    On the top structure of the house, it is possible to hung a toy, and stimulate cats' instinct.

    For toys that hang and sway, cats will want to reach out and play.

    You can also put toys in the space above or side of the house and let them play.

    More fun with a nail scratching roof!

      skelton house and scratching roof

      If you put an optional nail scratching roof on it, the range of play will expand.For the slope of the roof, the slope angle at which the cat steps on with his claws slightly extended is calculated.

      It is designed that cats will naturally want to scratch their nails by jumping on top and getting their nails caught.

      Also it is a cats' habit that they want to scratch their nail just after waking up. As soon as cats fall asleep and wake up in the Skeleton House, it will be recognized as their own place by having a nail scratching roof.

      Perfect place for Sun Bathing!!

      sun bathing

      A Skelton House is surrounded and safety place so that it can be placed to their favorite sun bathing place. Cats will want to go inside because they can take in the sunlight with peace of mind.

      For cats who love the sun, please put a Skelton House on the windowsill or in a sunny place.

      To be loved by Cats' owners

      skelton house in living room

      For cats owners who love interior decoration and do not want to ruin it by colorful cat toys and goods, A Skelton House blends into your favorite interior, it is itself sophisticated design.

      skelton house on chest

      A skeleton house made of solid wood has no feeling of oppression, therefore you can place it anywhere in your room. In the summer, you can put it in a windy corridor, or for a fur baby who wants to be noticed, you can put it in the middle of the room.

      momo is walking

      Because it is a place where lovely cat spends a long time, Reliable materials and safe structures are important. Wood grown in controlled mountains in Japan is dried in a well-controlled place and botanical paints used for baby toys it is finished with.

      It is absolutely ”No" to smell a chemicals for cat bed! The storage is also a smoking-free environment, and we manage it in consideration of odor-sensitive cats. We want you and your fur babies to enjoy the scent of natural wood, which is a pleasure unique to solid wood furniture.

      3 colors

      The bottom of the bed is removable. When there is a vomit or a toilet mistake, it can be removed from the main body for maintenance or replacement. It is a safe design that responds to concerns that if it gets dirty or becomes unusable.

      skelton house floor

      The bottom plate is chamfered cleanly. To increase breathability and keep cats comfortable even in the summer, punching holes are made on the floor board so that cats can sleep comfortably.

      removal floor

      An traditional Japanese wooden construction method that does not use a nail called "Hozo-gumi" is used, which is the same technique to build Shrine and Temples in Kyoto and Nara. A final product is delivered. Furniture with nails will loosen from the nails and break. It's important to avoid breaking and getting injured, as cats get on top, play hard, and sleep with their weight. The highest quality furniture that cats can use for a long time with peace of mind.

      giselle in house

      We can see many cats are wearing clothes and hats, dressing up in SNS in these days. Isn't it nice to enjoy Christmas, Birthday, New year and other events together with cats!! I know it is not good for cats to dress up though. So instead, Dressing up House we offer to dress up a Skelton House and enjpy those events as a family together.


      Oak Village

      The skeleton house is made by Oak Village who is a wood crafts company in Hida Takayama Japan.

      「Turning a 100-Year-Old Tree into Products that Last 100 Years」
      「From Bowls to Buildings」
      「One Acorn for Every Child」

      With these three principles, they have an aim to build a sustainable society in which humans and the surrounding environment not only co-exist, but also evolve symbiotically. They protect Japanese mountains and grow woods. We ask this woodcrafts master to create our Skelton House.

      We offer 3 types of solid wood grown in the mountains of Japan, making the best use of the color of natural wood. KATSURA, Japanese Walnuts, Japanese Wingnuts. Choose your favorite from 3 wood colors.

      3 color variation

      (from left, Japanese Walnuts, Japanese Wingnuts, KATSURA)