Skeleton House-Proposal of Dress-up House


skelton house


Ingenuity for cats


It's soothing to see a cat sleeping. It's a cat owner who just takes a picture with a smartphone when he discovers a sleeping figure.あるある。

It was the beginning of Gisele Tomomo that I wanted to make a bed to make my cute sleeping appearance more cute. I thought that it was a solid wooden product because my beloved child wanted to make a wooden bed like a human being.たかったから。

Cats have a taste, so they may not be able to use it in a normal bed.い。Whether you can use it、It ’s the biggest problem.。

So what should I do to get cats to use it so that it matches the tastes of various cats?うに、The skeleton house was completed by thinking through the love of cats and packing various ideas.です。

As the cat sleeps, plays, and spends time together in the sun, the secular change of solid wood年変化は、Carve a lot of family memories together with the cat's claw marks and tooth patternsで、I want it to be a house that will be passed down from generation to generation.。

Not disposable、A sturdy house is a cat furniture that stuffs the history of the family。


I like the enclosed space

sleeping in skelton house


It's a cat's habit of being timid and protecting himself from foreign enemies because he doesn't have much time to sleep soundly. Do you like hide-and-seek?せんか。

Rest assured that you are surrounded That's why I love boxes because it's a technique that DNA can do to hide itself.The skeleton house has a half-timbered side and top, so you can rest in peace. If you realize that you don't have to worry about being sick, they will take a rest inside.みしてくれます。



Slurp your own scent in the natural scent of wood

playing in house


A cat with a well-developed sense of smell is surprised by the good scent of natural wood.ン

The wooden structure is just right for slurping the body. The pillars of the house are just right for rubbing the itchy area and rubbing the body instead of massage for marking.なります。

I like leaning against something. It's perfect for putting your body on a pillar and doing daily care.です。



I love tunnels

    tunnnel love


    Cats love tunnels。

    In the skeleton houseWhen you cover it with a cloth, it becomes a tunnel There was a cautious cat among the many cats who tried the prototype, but if you wrap the skeleton house with a cloth, it will come in quickly. This is a Gisele Tomomo investigation without knowing the failure so farルトモモ 調べ)

    You can cover it with your favorite cloth, and the shop will release cloth products exclusively for house in the future.す。


    Play with toys using the underfloor

    playing under floor


    Just under the floor of the houseどDesigned to a height that allows you to thrust into the base of the cat's arm Did。

    Hide toys and play It feels like it's moving a little, so you can stimulate your hunting instinct and play with it.ちゃも、Show a glimpse from under the floor Then the cat may jump。



    Play with hanging toys

    somali cat


    On the beam part of the housePlay with hanging toys can also do。

    You will want to put your hand out and play with the toys that hang and sway.す。

    You can also play with toys from the space above or next to the house, so you can see the cat playing happily by reaching out from the hideout.ます。



    More fun with a clawed roof!

     skelton house and scratching roof


    If you put the separately sold claw-together roof on it, the range of play will expand.います。

    It is a design that makes you want to jump on and get your nails caught naturally.す。

    Another catがThe most time I want to sharpen my nails is when I wake up As soon as you fall asleep and wake up in the skeleton house, you will be recognized as your own place because of the clawed roof.ます。



    Because it is a skeleton, it is OK to hang out in the sun

      sun basing


    A safe bed surrounded by、In your favorite sunbathing space You can leave it behind. You can rest assured that you will be exposed to the sun, so you will want to go inside.ます。

    For cats who love the sun, please put them in a sunny place by the window.さい。



    Close to the cat owner's feelings



    I don't want to give up my favorite interior、In the room for such a cat ownerのFamiliar with the interior I made a design。


    skelton house on chest


    A skeleton house made of solid wood、No feeling of oppression So you can put it anywhere in the room. You can put it in the windy corridor in the summer, or you can put it in the middle of the room for the child you want to pay attention to.なります。


    momo is walking


    Because it is a place where an important cat spends a long time、Reliable materials and safe structures are important Drying timber grown in Japan's controlled mountains in a well-controlled placeさせ、Botanical paint for baby toys I'm finishing with。



    I think it's just the smell of chemicals that we feel. Storage is also managed in a smoking-free environment, considering cats who are sensitive to smells. I want you to enjoy the scent of natural wood. It's fun only in furniture楽しみです。


    3 colors


    The bottom of the bed is removable。When there is a rough phase or regurgitation, it can be removed from the main body for maintenance or replacement.きる It is a safe design that responds to the worry that it will not be usable if it gets dirty.計です。


    skelton house floor

    The bottom plate is chamfered cleanly。Increases breathability and does not get stuffy even in summerに I'm punching holes so that I can sleep comfortablyす。


    removal floor


    ”Traditional Japanese wooden construction method that does not use nails called tenon法 With、We will deliver the finished product assembled by craftsmen。Furniture using nails will loosen from the nails and break. It is hard to break and get injured because you ride on it, play hard, and sleep with your weight. It is the highest quality furniture that you can use for a long time with peace of mind.の家具です。

    giselle in house


    Even if you want to make a cat cosplay or decorate a Christmas New Year birthday event and enjoy it, it is dangerous for cats and I hate it, so have you ever felt a little disappointed?はありませんか。

    Skeleton house Proposal of a dress-up house I want to meet the cat owner's desire for cosplay.す。

    You can make your usual house look like a Scandinavian West Coast princess, or you can see a cute figure by applying Christmas decorations to the house where the cat is always.できます。




    Oak Village

    The skeleton house was made by Oak Village in Hida Takayama.。

    「Trees that took 100 years to grow can be used for 100 years」
    「From bowl to building」
    「One acorn for one child粒」

    We asked a wood craftsman who is also focusing on tree growth to have an important cat's house, aiming for a sound material-cycle society that grows using domestic timber with the three principles ofました。

    Three types of solid wood grown in the mountains of Japan We offer three types that make the best use of the color of the tree as it is. Aokatsura Sawagurumi Onigurumi Please choose your favorite from the three colors.でください。

    3 color variation

     (From left: Onigurumi Sawagurumi Ao wigつら)