How to order a suede leather collar

Tochigi leather that Japan is proud of。

The finest cowhide carefully tanned by craftsmen using vegetable tanning vegetable tanned mimosa, which takes many times more time and effort than ordinary leather.級の牛革。
It is an attractive leather that can be used for a long time without cracking and can enjoy aging aging by carefully tanning using only natural materials. It is a safe material for cats because it does not use any chemicals.の素材です。

By carefully tanning the surface of the leather, both sides become suede lining leather, and the fluff is carefully removed, and the name is carefully stenciled on a gentle yet smooth leather fabric.ルいたします。

Your name will be in alphabet hiragana and katakana.ます。

You can choose from 4 colors of red, green, blue and yellowだけます。
By matching your favorite color and white, the design will make your name stand out on the leather.す。

To determine the size of the collar, wrap a thick string around the cat's neck and measure. At that time, insert about two fingers between the collar and the cat's neck so that it does not fit too tightly on the neck. Please measure the size with a margin If you make it bluntly, there is a danger that the cat will look like a monkey choker when you try to remove it with your mouth when you feel uncomfortable. Never make it a large fluffy size. I'm using a safety buckle made by Duraflex in the US for what ifクルを使用しています。

The craftsmen will carefully put in the name one by one with a stencil. Therefore, we will take the form of closing the orders received at the shop at the end of the month and asking for work together. It will take about a month from there. Please note that we will ship it around the end of the following month.了承ください。

There is a communication column when you put the product in the cart and check out, so thereらに
1. Name Alphabet Hiragana Katakanaタカナ)
2. Color
3. Collar size

Please enter 3 pieces of information Please register your e-mail address as customer information.す。