Cat ID Tag Collection

As a precaution, it is safe to attach a lost card with your name and phone number on the collar. We made a lightweight lost card so that you do not bother yourself.ました。

The lost card that is carefully engraved one by one by hand
You can feel the warmth even though it is metal。
Stainless steel is glossy, but I'm worried about its weightす。


Lightness of a 1-yen coin I'm focusing on aluminum because I want to realize that, but it's not glossy, but I'm driving it into the edge of the tag so that it looks cool after using it.ています。

Hand stamped on order

Is the name on the front and the phone number on the back? "I am microchipped" Will be stamped。

"I am microchipped" is the message "I am wearing a microchip" The owner at a hospital or local government agency when he gets lost by wearing a microchip managed by the Japan Veterinary Medical Association You can scan the information ofます。

If the phone number is stamped, it will be a problem if personal information is reflected when taking a picture。If the cat has a tip attached, the message that the microchip is attached is recommended.す。

Since it is hand-engraved, even the message can be a fashionable part. For those who wish, the choice not to finish the engraving with black enamel will not appear in the photo, so it is safe to share photos on SNS.有も安心です。