How to care for the product

Thank you for purchasing the Giselle & Momo product.

This is a summary of product care and precautions.

Hand-knitted bed

The cat's hair is attached. Before washing, please remove the hair first with adhesive tape. After that, you can wash it by hand or put it in the washing net and wash it in the washing machine, but it is recommended to wash it lightly because there is a risk of hair and discoloration and it is necessary to wash it separately. You can dehydrate it.

Please dry in the shade after washing. Please refrain from tumble drying and ironing.

Faux fur blanket

Faux fur can be washed at home, but washing it too often can cause it to feel uncomfortable. Machine washable knit is used for the lining, so there is no need to worry about shrinkage due to washing. If you use a washbasin to shampoo conditioner when you take a bath, you can take care of it without any hassle. You can think of fake fur care as if you were dealing with real fur.