Giselle & Momo

Wish I had a shape.... like that.

Giselle & Momo.

Giselle & Momo is my beautiful babies, friends, partner and family for me. My life is completely changed after living with them and they are the center of my life which is a happy change. What I always want for them is to make their life better and happier and I want to live with them longer even for a day.

In my daily life with Giselle and Momo, there are small wishes "if I had a shape..... like that" I would like to make this small wish to come true. I would like to choose goods for my fur babies with the same standard that I choose my favorite interiors, small items, and personal belongings. I believe many cat lovers should have a same wish. I started a lifestyle brand Gisele & Momo with this feeling.

As a companion animal, a cat is a beloved child, partner and important family member. It is recommended that we should keep cats inside house especially in cities. They are close to our lives and living in the house and finish their lives in the house. The feeling I have is that products I choose for the cats, it should be loved by cats of course! And I want to focus on safety as much as possible. While adopting the technology of Made in Japan, whose quality is trusted as a synonym for safety and security all over the world, I will carefully consider the design that blends into the interior with high design.

<<Giselle, RussianBlue 3 mo, Momota, Munchikin 4 mo>>

Gisele & Momo not only informs you about materials and construction methods, but also keeps in mind to make products that the creator can see, and delivers the best products together with Japanese craftsmen.