Eco fur blanket


Feels safe even if you bite触り。

A blanket made in a factory specializing in fur in Wakayama using eco-fur made in Japan.ト。


From the point of view of animal protection, real fur makes cats excited and can't wash, so I don't want to use it, but cats love fur. Therefore, it is a product that I wanted to make with a solid and reliable material that does not easily lose hair.い実現した製品です。


The hair is 36mm long and specially processed to use a glossy fox-like faux fur that changes color to 7 colors depending on the viewing angle.ます。



The quality is origami because it is a fur used for outerwear and accessories of first-class brands as an alternative to real fur.き。

The appearance of wrapping around long-haired fur and resting on it makes you feel more fluffy, and I am very happy that you will be pleased with it.嬉しい。



You can enjoy a subtle shade of pure white gray mixed with a little milk tea so that you can choose according to the cat's coat color and interior. I made a fur blanketりました。




The lining has been carefully selected so that it can be washed and used.た。
Domestic washable wool 100%。




You can use it by laying it in a bed or carry bag.。


Eco-fur with beautiful glossy luster。
There is no doubt that the cat's photo will look good.!!