A Vintage stand and water bowl

Water drinking photo and cat


A table and a bowl for drinking cat's water

Drinking water is very important for cats.
In the house, It is great to place multiple drinking fountains and makes cats to drink water whenever they feel like it.

We create a beautiful water place for cats so that cats owner casually set it in the corridor and the passage as a beauty like a art of work. A bowl is easy to wash and can change water frequently.

Water bowl with a little height Since the height from the mouth to the esophagus and stomach is the same, it imakes cats easier to drink a lot of water.

To use as a stand---- It was used in a silk fabric factory that has continued for over 100 years in Kyoto. It was made for an old machine that was abandoned with a loom when it went out of business. It's all made of natural wood. It's made of very durable wood.

Since it is a thread wound handmade long ago, there is no one that looks the same except for the size. You can enjoy the taste and scratches of long-used natural wood as a vintage.

By combining this spool with the artist's vessel, it breathed new life into a cat's drinking fountain.

3 ceramic bowls


Mr. Jun Morinaga, a potter living in Okayama, make a vessel that fits perfectly with the spool.


The table will be delivered in a cotton bag that has been naturally dried in the sun and-wrinkled by craftsmen in Kyoto. The wrinkles are hard to remove and the texture is long-lasting. You can use it in a bag or your small items.

cotton bag


Morinaga Ceramics Factory

Ceramics Studio in Okayama Prefecture Encountered ceramics while attending the Department of Landscaping, Tokyo University of Agriculture, and after graduating from university, trained in Kasama and Tsuyama, Ibaraki Prefecture, and became independent 12 years ago. The works are pottery for everyday use, living tools, pottery for plants such as bonsai pots, etc.


Please note that the vintage stand is not a new product and you can enjoy the taste, and since there are scratches etc. and each one is different, we can not deliver the same one as the photo.
Vintage antique tools have scratches and dirt, but please understand the individual characteristics of the product before purchasing.


a stand close up photo


vintage stand close up photo
a vintage stand and water bowl in corridor