Hand knitted Bed

A hand-knitted bed that is easy to care for and timeless so that cats can use it for a long time.
You can put it anywhere in the room because it is a calm color that does not stand out badly.
Feel free to move it to your cat's favorite place at any time.

Shape, bend and crush!
Cats can also scratch nails

The bed deforms to fit your body as you groom and rampage inside.

It stimulates the cat's curiosity and makes him happy.

I made it considering the cat's habit of entering without thinking that a round shape is placedた。

Change shape and have fun

I want you to use it in various ways, so I dare to make it soft without adding a core material. The thread itself is solid, so when you raise the border, the bicolor is outstandingly nice.

The edge part is a standing style or a style that is woven round inside and used like a pillow. By changing it to a style that enjoys the color of the bottom by turning it upside down, it attracts the interest of tired cats.

Wrap the edge inside and put it on the pillow

Turn it over and enjoy the color of the bottom


Designing a calm color combination that blends into the interior for cat owners.

Monotone and cool interior Neat and clean child Choose your favorite bed according to the interior and the image color of the cat.

It changes into various round shapes that cats love, so you can use it as a favorite for a long time without getting bored.

Safe material that can be washed completely

High-grade apparel scraps were used as the materialWe use products from Hoooked of the Netherlands, a pioneer of recycled yarn.。

European REACH textile products and materials that meet strict dyeing safety standards are ideal materials for beds where important families sleep.

You can wash it completely so you can use it cleanly forever.

When it comes to a click, turn it over and it will return to its original shape.す。

Japanese craftsmen wholeheartedly

The product is made in Iwate prefecture, Japan. Tohoku Crochet Village

Tohoku Crochet Village is a small handicraft meeting that mothers in the disaster area started while searching for something they could do in a situation where it was difficult to even look at tomorrow after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The movement to participate in society through knitting and handicrafts and to obtain the joy and food of living has become a small company where skilled knitting craftsmen gather after repeating each activity such as seminars in various parts of Tohoku.

Cat-loving knitting people knit with all their heart.