Giselle & Momo - Cat ID Tag Collection

In the Giselle's closet, a collar for cats

We have added a collection of ID Tag made of lightweight aluminum.

A cute charm with a simple taste that is hand-engraved with a handmade feel.

When you place an order, we will stamp your name on the front and your phone number on the back.

We use an ultra-lightweight item weighing less than 1 gram, so cats who are accustomed to wearing collars will not notice it.

IDTag that you want to put on just in case.

It's not mechanically pressed, but hand-engraved, giving it a warm impression, so it's cute even if it looks like a fashionable charm.

We want as many cats as possible to use it, so we keep the price down.

It will be released in March. Please look forward to it.

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