Launch of Giselle's Closet, an original collection of cat collars

Giselle & Momo presents a collection of original cat collars.

The name is Giselle's Closet.

The first item to be released is a collar made of cotton or linen with a safety buckle for cats living at home.

And this is also a necklace-like collar using the world's lightest and washable Japanese-made air pearl called air pearl with a safety buckle.

Air Pearl is a high-quality Japanese-made pearl that is also used in Yumi Katsura's bridal collection and is perfect for costume jewelry that is lightweight and washable. It has a beautiful texture like cotton pearls, and it weighs 1/3 of the common imitation pearls and floats on water. It can be worn like a cloth collar.

This time, we will ask you to choose the size of the off-white basic pearls of 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm, and we will make it to order according to the size of the cat's neck.

We will announce the details soon and start accepting orders.

Please look forward to it.

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猫さん用首輪のオリジナルコレクション、ジゼルズクローゼットの発売 - Giselle & Momo