Skeleton House Sawagurumi


Sawagurumi is the most white wood of the three.

Yellowish white with similar color to the heartwood
It seems that the puffs are rarely noticeable in different colors。

Perfect for interiors based on natural colors and white。

The wood is smooth to the touch and very soft to the touch. The natural color is so beautiful that you can fully enjoy the goodness of solid wood products.


skelton house size


Maximum size値)

Height 39 cm to the top of the roof when viewed from the frontンチ
Width 35 cm when viewed from the frontンチ
44 cm in length


Blue wig 1.5 kg
Sawagurumi 1.6 kg
Oni walnut 1.8 kg

(Due to the use of natural wood, there are individual differences in weight, and there may be some increase or decrease from the above weight. Please be aware that the delivered items are not exactly the same weight.さい)


Load capacity up to 15 kg House floor分)
Please refrain from sitting or using things on the skeleton house framework at all times.い。
Please refrain from lifting the roof frame with cats or things on the floor.。


Product compensation
1 year compensation。


If it has been used for a long time and needs to be repaired, it will be charged, but it can be used for a long time by repairing it.


Water and oil are strictly prohibited on solid wood, so if it gets wet, wipe it off quickly with a dry rag. Daily care is basically done by wiping with a rag. Please wipe it off until it is gone.

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