Pearl collar white 10mm


Air Pearl 10mm Collar

Cotton pearls are light but weak against water and cannot be used.
Ordinary pearls are too heavy for cats neck.
However, I want to present a beautiful pearl collar to beautiful fur baby so searched material and try and finally made this.

The weight of air pearls is about 1/3 that of general plastic pearls, but it is durable even though it floats on water. The texture like cotton pearls is beautiful and luxurious.
It is a new pearl developed in Japan for custume which is a light pearl that can be washed, and it is also used for clothes. Yumi Katsura announced a dress using abundant air pearls at Paris Fashion Week. Of course, it is made in Japan.

I used a very weak magnetic clasp instead of the buckle of the safety collar. It is safe because it will come off as soon as it gets caught>Not only is the magnetic clasp easy to come off, but it's also easy to put on and put on in an instant, so it doesn't put stress on the cat.

photo for crasp

We have prepared 3 types of 6mm/8mm/10mm so that you can choose by pearl size same as you choose your own necklace.

It's a quality that can be used by small dogs and can be used as a bracelet by moms. Please borrow it from your baby when you go out. It is a happy to share it with your baby.

Even though it is a collar, please bring a clasp when attaching or detaching delicate pearl accessories.

The size of a normal collar is about 2,3 human fingers can be placed betweem neck and collar.

When ordering, it will be made in 1 cm units, so it will take about 2 weeks. The price will change depending on the length.

16~20cm 4,200 yen
21~24cm 4,300 yen
25~28cm 4,400 yen
29~32cm 4,500 yen
32~36cm 4,600 yen

If you need 15 cm or less and 36 cm or more, please contact the shop. We will respond individually.

Estimated weight

  • 21cm ――11.7g
  • 23cm ―― 12.3g
  • 25cm ―― 13.0g
  • 27cm ―― 13.7g
  • 29cm ―― 14.4g

Shipping is free for purchases of 8,000 yen or more in Japan.
The purchase of one pearl collar will be 310 yen in Japan with Yu Packet. Outside Japan Shipping fee is different.

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    Shipping Fee

    Japan -Free shipping on shopping over 8,000 yen (excluding tax) by Yamato Transport (excluding Okinawa and remote islands)
    Outside Japan - Japan Post with insurance International SAL flight.

    Made in Japan for peace of mind

    We make high quality products with Japanese craftsmen from material to manufacturing. Traditional Japanese craftsmanship extend to cats products.

    Product Care

    It is natural for cats to vomit and make a toilet mistake. We think it is important products can be washed and taken care of easily so that we can live with comfortable.