Hand-knitted collar of pure organic cotton-blueberries


A cat's collar that is carefully hand-knitted with 100% pure organic cotton yarn dyed in a gentle color with natural pigments extracted from fruits.
All threads and production are safe and secure made in Japan.

Gentle purple dyed with grapes, grape color.
The nuance color that looks like a slightly dull pink is very fashionable.

Pure organic cotton does not use pesticides, so the center of the cotton is naturally harvested in a hollow state, so it has a fluffy texture forever.
Even if you wash it, it will stay plump, so even though it is a cotton collar, it is as thick as wool.
It's gentle around the neck of baby cats and small cats, and you can wear it softly, so it seems that you can wear it without much discomfort, and it is especially recommended for the first collar.
It's light but thick, so it's also gentle on the neck. It is twice as thick as a linen collar. So it seems to be comfortable to wear.

It is more than twice as thick as a linen collar (pictured below) and is also gentle on the neck, making it ideal for first-time collars.

Compare the thickness of the collar

It is also recommended for cats who are worried about allergies and cats with sensitive skin.

Clean by hand. The good thing about organic cotton is that it stays fluffy even after washing.

The hand-knitted fabric, which is fluffier than ordinary cotton thread, is slightly wider.
Gisele Tomomo's silver charm sways cutely.

As with the hand-knitted bed, we asked Mr. Tohoku Crochet Village to make the gentle crochet knitting.

A round can is hidden behind the gold buckle.
You can easily attach charms, bells, lost cards, etc.

Up of metal fittings to attach charms

The cat's collar should be a few centimeters larger than the nude size around the neck, and should be adjusted to fit a few human fingers. You can adjust the size from 13 cm to 20 cm.

The safety buckle is made by Duraflex in the United States. It is designed to come off under a weight of 3 kg, but it does not guarantee 100% safety, so please use it within easy reach in your house.

Since it uses a safety buckle, it is not a type of collar that is used by connecting it to a lead when taking it out of the house for a walk.

  • Collar thickness 1.2cm
  • Charm size 1cm x 1cm
  • 100% pure organic cotton
  • Weight 6.2g
  • made in Japan

Delivery will be handled by Yu-Packet.
The shipping fee in Japan is a flat rate of 310 yen.

If you would like a size larger than 22 cm, please contact us as we will make a perfect size for semi-order, although it will take some time.

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We make high quality products with Japanese craftsmen from material to manufacturing. Traditional Japanese craftsmanship extend to cats products.

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