ID Tag- small stone


It is a lost pewter tag of a tin pewter that is slightly heavier than aluminum.です。
The shape is a round shape with no corners like a pebble rolling on the riverbank。
Just in case by engraving the phone number on the back of your name on the frontます。
It's a very small charm, so if you're a cat with an OK collar, you can use it without any problems.す。
We can handle even a slightly long name in a simple formす。

The weight with the small double can attached in the photo is 2.4g。
As a guide, it will weigh about two 1-yen coins.。

It will be sent after about 10 days after receiving the order.。

  • Material Tin pewterー)
  • Weight 2.4g
  • Size 2 cm x 2 cm

After adding the item to the cart, a box called "Special notes for the store" will appear in the cart. Please fill in the required information below.さい。


Information required when ordering

  1. font
    A. Handwritten style: Mix uppercase and lowercase lettersます)

   B. Block


   C. Typewriter uppercase onlyみ)



     2. Pet name

A. Up to 8 characters for handwriting style。

B. In the case of block type, there are up to 10 characters in one row. If there are 10 or more characters, there are 2 rows.。

C. Typewriter up to 8 characters。

Please leave the design。


   3. Back design

Phone number or "Microchip installed"



Phone number font: Large for handwriting style or small for block type小)

Only the sample block body is equipped with a microchip裏の電話番号手書き風



In the case of handwriting style and typewriter, the numbers are engraved using the entire tag as shown in the sample photo. Please leave the design of the block body to us.さい。

4. Design stamp
A stamp will be engraved under your name on the front side.。

Don't put anything

5. Metal fittings
Crab can double canん


    Please be sure to register your e-mail address when ordering as it may be necessary to inquire about the design etc.さい。


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  2. Shipping will be free of charge as we will use regular mail for delivery.す。
    Even overseas, we will use regular mail, so the shipping fee will be free.す。

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    Japan -Free shipping on shopping over 8,000 yen (excluding tax) by Yamato Transport (excluding Okinawa and remote islands)
    Outside Japan - Japan Post with insurance International SAL flight.

    Made in Japan for peace of mind

    We make high quality products with Japanese craftsmen from material to manufacturing. Traditional Japanese craftsmanship extend to cats products.

    Product Care

    It is natural for cats to vomit and make a toilet mistake. We think it is important products can be washed and taken care of easily so that we can live with comfortable.