About Skelton House

About the main body of the skeleton house

The skeleton house is delivered as a finished product. The main body is carefully crafted one by one using the technique of assembling without using nails, which is a traditional technique from ancient Japan used for shrine and temple. The wood used is trees grown in Japanese mountains. Manufactured in Hida Takayama through a well-controlled drying process. We are particular about manufacturing in Japan and ask "Oak Village" the Japanese furniture company, which has a large workshop in Hida Takayama.

The wood used is called "Fushi", which has a color change. Since solid wood is used without coloring, each house has a different color and pattern. Please understand it as the individuality of the wood and purchase it.

About the floor of the skeleton house

The floor inside the house is cleaned by regurgitating or roughening the floor by passing two pillars of the same wood as the house material, punching holes and placing plywood with improved ventilation as the floor. It can be removed for easy maintenance. When the floor gets wet, remove the floorboard, squeeze it well, wipe it off, and dry it in the shade separately from the main body and floor material.

About accessories


Optional series products

Hand Knitted Mat. Nail Scratching Roof. Skeleton House will continue to develop nail scratching roof and dress-up textiles in the future.

Shipping and shipping

Shipping & delivery
Shipping within Japan Yamato Transport is free except for remote islands Okinawa.
Delivery outside Japan will be done using the insured Japan Post International SAL flight.

Delivery will be done by Japan Post or Yamato Transport. We will process the delivery as soon as we confirm the payment of your order. If there is stock in the company, it will be shipped the day after the payment is confirmed. We will contact you by email each time regarding the status of the product.

Product condition
A Skeleton House will be delivered as a finished product. You do not need to assemble it.
Therefore, the cardboard used for delivery will be a large package with a total of 140 cm on all three sides. For domestic delivery, please inform us of the e-mail address that can contact the shop and specify the delivery date and time of Yamato Transport. If you need it, you need to be able to change it by e-mail so that it can be delivered at home. Thank you for your cooperation.

Repair and warranty

Product compensation
A Skeleton House will be guarantee for one year. However, it is not guaranteed, if it is used outdoors, carry heavy objects, or move with the cat on it with the pillars on the roof as it is designed and manufactured used inside house and use for cats.

If it has been used for a long time and needs to be repaired, it will be charged, but we can repair it. Please contact the shop.

Caring for the skeleton house

Water and oil are strictly prohibited on solid wood, so if it gets wet, wipe it off quickly with a dry rag. Daily care is basically done by wiping with a rag. Wipe it off until it is gone. If the floor gets wet, remove it, wipe it off with a tightly wrung cloth, and dry it in the shade.

Depending on the country and environment of use, the tree may expand and contract depending on the humidity and dry conditions. We calculate this and assemble by slightly shifting the columns and beams, 1 mm in the photo. You can see the part where the wooden structure is slightly offset, but this was designed with expansion and contraction in mind.