Skelton House

Cats are originally very timid in nature. It is said that this is why even if they live safely in your house, they prefer an enclosed place, a small place, or a place where they can see the surroundings. The skeleton house was born as a place where cats can relax with peace of mind, considering these characteristics and tastes. Surrounded by wooden pillars on all sides, the cat recognizes that it is a safe place and can go inside and relax. Being a skeleton is also a relief for cats to ensure visibility after entering. The limbs can be freely extended from the skeleton part, and the legs are placed on the pillars to help create a posture for daily care.

Being a skeleton allows cat owners to see the relaxing appearance of their cute child, and because it is a design that does not feel oppressive, it can be carried to various places such as the side of the sofa or the center of the room. Two birds with one stone without disturbing the interior of the sofa.

Whether cats will use what I bought for the them? This is a common question for cat owners. There are cat owners who say that rolled paper is more popular than expensive toys, or that it was never used. The same is true for cat beds. It is common question whether or not they will be able to use it, and what I should do to make it available. One of the key is a location of the cat bed. Some may want to take a nap quietly in the corner of the living room, others may want to keep an eye on themselves, and others may want to keep an eye on family trends. Try moving the skeleton house from the sofa to the top of the cupboard, next to the sofa, or in the middle of the room, Test! Test! Test where they like it! From time to time, by moving the skeleton house to a comfortable place for the cat, you can understand the feelings of the place where the cat wants to sleep. The skeleton house is designed as a bed that can be placed anywhere in the house without any hesitation as it blends into your interior.

This skeleton concept was designed not only on the bed, but also on the roof, with the nice features of a cat to play with his claws, and was created using the finest wood and outstanding Japanese craftsmanship. The thing is the skeleton house of Giselle & Momo.

The color lineup, which makes the best use of the natural color of wood, is developed in three gradations from light to dark, and you can choose according to the interior and your favorite style.

It's a place where cats can sleep, play, jump on the roof and sharpen their claws, and play a central role in their life, so we consider safety first.





The quality of the Skelton house is the human furniture with a chair structure that requires the most advanced technology among wooden products. The house created by craftsmen with great care is the finest product assembled without using nails which is Japanese traditional technology for more than thousand years. The scratching roof is also beautifully finished without any compromises using the high-class Japanese chair cloth pasting method.

Small cat up to 4 kg, he can get along well and sleep together, and even a relatively large cat can be used for one without any problem.