Cat's essentials item, nail scratching ROOF

Black that matches the Scandinavian interior

White that emphasizes the beauty of solid wood

Red accent color that brightens the room

Modern accent color, green

Replaceable cat nail scratching roof

A space where cats can relax with peace of mind

Nail scratching roof for Skelton House

A place to sleep, the roof of the skeleton house is covered with durable textiles used for furniture cats to scratvh their nail.
Cats climb up and get high, they seems fun to look around.

Nail Scratching Roof for Skelton House


Nail Scratching Roof for Skelton House

A place to sleep The skeleton house is fitted with durable textiles used for furniture to sharpen nails.
Climb up and get high, it seems fun to look around.

Gisele jumping off

It is often heard that cats are in trouble because they crunch on the sofa.
As a cat's habit, first of all, it is crunchy as a marking of their territory, which is often used near the entrance and exit of the room, around door. And it's crunchy after waking up and stretching comfortably, baribari! When cats take a nap on the sofa, they will wake up on the sofa so sofa should be their target. omg. It's a habit, so it can't be helped.

They scratch the roof as expected as if it is all scheduled. Baribari!! It is all as expected!!

Cats took a nap and got up and scratching the ROOF! Baribari!
Before a nap, ok got to sleep scratching, baribari!!

Skeleton house will be cat's favorite place

For the scratching roof, four colors from the durable fabric used for the sofa is selected.

When the color of the roof changes, the atmosphere changes drastically.

Textile for scratching roof

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