Mintdesigns collaboration project

Mintdesigns, one of Japan's leading apparel brands, has participated in the Tokyo collection since 2003.
The original textiles are full of playfulness, yet universal, and the world of design that you want to keep by your side is expanding.

Mintdesigns, which aims to establish clothing as a product design and continues to send out designs that enrich everyday life, celebrated the 20th anniversary of the brand's founding this year.

 Among the many original textiles of Mintdesigns, the design of CAT & MOUSE , which is very popular and has been loved for a long time.

It's a cat! I gladly approached him, and when I looked closely, that? It's a little surprised that you have a mouse in your mouth when you think it's a tie, but it's a cute design.
Using CAT & MOUSE, which is full of playfulness unique to Mint Designs, we asked you to design cat goods and a dress-up cover for the skeleton house.

 In addition to dress-up covers, there are mats that are the perfect size for a skeleton house, cat kicker that can also be used as pillows, and bags for cat owners.