The First Collaboration with BrownBrown!! A Suede Leather with Name Collar new release!!

There are always cute cat collar in the market.
There should be Manish & Cool Cat Collar! We are just released a Suede Leather collar with name by Stencil, Order made special collar!!

We collaborate with BrownBrown, who has a workshop and a shop in Meguro-ku and makes original leather products. He is a craftsman who is very popular with people who want genuine leather products. It is our first collaboration product!!

BrownBrown makes products by hand stitching one by one.Tochigi leather is durable and sticks to aging that becomes more beautiful as you use it. The leather, which is tanned by a chemical-free and full vegetable tanning method, can be used safely by cats.

The stencil is printed twice, and the cat's name is carefully put on the front of the collar.The name itself is a wonderful accessory.

Collar sizes range from 19 cm to 30 cm. We will make it to order.

We also propose to replace the safety buckle with a snap and make a bracelet for the cat owner.Always have a leather accessory that matches your cat, wrap it around the handle of the bag, Wrap it around your wrist, and we hope you enjoy it in various ways. If you order two together, we will deliver them at a discount than usual.

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  • スエード革の名入れ首輪を新発売!BrownBrownコラボ商品 - Giselle & Momo