Skeleton house to be released

We have received many inquiries about the skeleton house.

Thank you very much.

We are currently working on a prototype with final changes to the house specifications, with a skeleton house made of three solid woods scheduled for end of December.

Three types of houses will be announced on the website within the year.

Pre-orders start from the beginning of the year.

Sold in February.

There is a possibility that the sales time will be delayed, but we are working toward the above schedule.

Regarding the selling price, we are considering the balance with the accessories, but the planned selling price is 72,000 yen (79,200 yen including tax).

The skeleton house produces three colors that make the best use of the natural shades of wood.

Pale blue wig (KATSURA)

Honey-colored Sawagurumi (Japanese wingnuts)

Walnut (Japanese walnut)

All three use Japanese hardwoods, and the finish uses vegetable oil, which is also used for baby toys, so the color of the natural wood grain will change as you use it.

We asked Oak Village in Hida Takayama to make the skeleton house.

We will update the information about the skeleton house on the homepage from time to time, so please look forward to it.

スケルトンハウスの発売予定 - Giselle & Momo