Favorite Interior and Cat Goods

Nice to meet you. I'm Giselle & Momo's mom.

Since I was little, I grew up in an environment where cats were always on my side, so I thought I knew about cats, but to make Giselle and Momo, who I met with my family three years ago, happy, I spend every day of trial and error as to what to do.

I am from Osaka and it is not a "CITY" so my family let cats freely walked inside and outside of the house. They were climbing trees, walking on the roof, and running around with each other. It seems that I don't remember the act of human beings giving special toys and playing with them.

For the health and safety of cats, it is now recommended to keep them indoors, and cats living in the city will end their lives in a small space inside their house, so how can they enjoy living in good mood? There are changes in the times, but it may be because I'm getting older, so that people can say that I'm glad I became a child.

One of the things that cats like is cardboard. Even at my home, 2 Nyans flocked as soon as the delivery arrived, and when the box opened, it jumped in and was used as a bed and a base for play. The reason why cats like cardboard is that cardboard is a material that easily absorbs odors. The air part of the undulating structure captures odors from various places such as routes, warehouses, trucks, roads, and service areas that have been carried since the cardboard was made, and it is in a mysterious mixed state of odors. That's right. For cats, it's no wonder that they are curious about the new odorous foreign matter that has entered their territory. When I find out that it is a mysterious odor, I am reluctant to leave such cardboard in the room forever, but I love cats, so I leave it for a few days.

So, when I received the cute cardboard, It is a lucky day! Since the cardboard is left in the room, it feels a little easier if the design is good, or it is still acceptable as an interior, or it is a complicated feeling. But it's cardboard.

In preparation for the opening of the Giselle & Momo web store, I'm currently reviewing the cardboard design because I like receiving products with such cardboard and I hope cats can use it even for a day. is. Unfortunately, we are not in time for the shop to open, but I would like to take a little more time to make good ones.

Giselle & Momo is the one who makes things that I wish I had, and I wanted something like this, so I hope that cardboard can also be designed in a cute way.

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