Suede leather collar


A special collar made by stencil processing the cat's name on the back leather that has been carefully tanned to eliminate fluff on the surface.

A cool and adult collar. Many cat collars are cute, but I thought it would be nice to have cool fashionable items.

Leather craftsman with a workshop in Meguro-ku Brown Brown will make only one collar in the world by order.

The finest made in Japan material is used. Tochigi leather.

No chemicals used Full vegetable tanning The leather that has been dyed and tanned with a gentle leather mimosa that has been carefully tanned by craftsmen over many times with the technique of suede processing on both sides is safe and long. You can use it. It is a special leather that is light and gentle even though it is suede that has been tanned cleanly until there is no fluff.

The collar is made by hand stitching, which is finished by craftsmen tightening each one. It is Brown Brown's commitment to work carefully one by one.

On leather Stencil processing It's a style that you don't usually see because it's a lot of work or work to do.

It's a cat's collar, but why don't you try making a bracelet with the cat owner as well? You can also make a bracelet with a snap for humans. It's also nice to roll it up when you roll it up.

on bag

We would like you to use them together, so we will give you a discount when you purchase two or more at the same time.


One collar is 8,500 yen, but if you purchase two at the same time, you will get a 2,000 yen discount and the two will be 15,000 yen.

How to order

Please measure the size of the cat's neck and place an order. I think it's best to have a size that allows two human fingers to fit in, rather than just around the neck. Please measure
Collars can be made from 19 cm to 30 cm in length.。

The craftsmen will carefully stencil the names one by one.

Therefore, we will take the form of requesting work by collecting the orders received at the shop at the end of the month. From there, it will take about a month. Shipped around the end of the following monthPlease note that we will doい。shipping fee is free。

Your name will be in alphabet hiragana and katakana.

You can choose from 4 colors of red, green, blue and yellow.

variation of colar
By matching your favorite color and white, the design will make your name stand out on the leather.

There is a communication column when you put the product in the cart and check out, so there

1. Name Alphabet Hiragana Katakana)
2. Color
3. Collar size

Please enter 3 pieces of information Please register your e-mail address as customer information.

Uses a safety buckle made by Draflex in the United States that comes off when it is heavy. It is not a collar that you use with a lead when you go out.Please wear it on your cat in the house.

Brown Brown, an original leather product brand with a workshop in Meguro-ku. There are shops in Meguro-ku and Okinawa. We use Tochigi leather, which is durable and highly complete, based on the idea that we want you to use leather wildly. Craftsmen who are making things that do not allow it will carefully make custom collars one by one.

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    Shipping Fee

    Japan -Free shipping on shopping over 8,000 yen (excluding tax) by Yamato Transport (excluding Okinawa and remote islands)
    Outside Japan - Japan Post with insurance International SAL flight.

    Made in Japan for peace of mind

    We make high quality products with Japanese craftsmen from material to manufacturing. Traditional Japanese craftsmanship extend to cats products.

    Product Care

    It is natural for cats to vomit and make a toilet mistake. We think it is important products can be washed and taken care of easily so that we can live with comfortable.